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Native Place of Amitayus, Ecological Zixing

Release Time:2018-01-04 10:39:27 source:The Administration Of Hunan Dongjiang Lake Scenic Area

Have a tour to the native place of Amitayusa and ecological Zixing for three days and two nights


After meeting the tour group, taste the fresh and delicious salmon of Dongjiang Lake for dinner (RMB 80 Yuan per person, self-paying);

8:00 p.m. — 9:00 p.m.Appreciate the night view of No.1 Gulf for urban leisure tourism — Dongjiang Bay (RMB 30 Yuan per person, self-paying, lasting for about 60 minutes);

Lodge in the designated hotel in the downtown area.


7:00 a.m.— 9:00 a.m.Visit Chinese Creative Photography Base, thefairyland on earth— Misty Small Dongjiang River(including Guanpuyun Pavilion, Yu-Qiao-Xian-Ju, Misty House, Dongjiang Duckweed, etc.),Butterfly Valley Waterfall, the external landscape of Asia’s No.1 Dam— Dongjiang Dam (The tour shall take about 120 minutes);

9:00 a.m.— 10:30 a.m.Visit the unique natural oxygen bar — Longjing Eighteen Waterfalls (The tour shall take about 90 minutes);

At about 11:30 a.m., have lunch in the designated restaurant;

1:00 p.m. — 2:00 p.m.Visit Dongting of Southern Hunan by boat — Dongjiang Lake;

2:00 p.m.— 4:30 p.m.Climb Doushuai Island, and visit the world-class super-large Karst cavern Divine Tushita Rock (The tour shall take about 150 minutes);

Lodge in the designated hotel in the downtown area (enjoy free activities at night).


8:00 a.m.— 9:30 a.m.Visit Amitayus Temple, which enjoys the high reputation of “owning  Sakyamuni in the west and Amitayus in the east”, and Wuling Farming Civilization Museum, which has inherited millennium immortal farming culture(The tour shall take about 90 minutes),

9:30 a.m.— 12:00 a.m.Visit San-Xiang-Si-Shui (Hunan) ·Dongjiang Lake Cultural Tourism Street, China’s No.1 and world top Dong jiang lake Peculiar-shaped Stone Museum, the Museum of the Literatures of Mao Zedong who is “the sun that never sets”, Humanities Bamboo Lodge, Dongjiang Lake Photographic Art Gallery and Zixing Specialties Exhibition Area (The tour shall take about 150 minutes), 

Send the tour group off after lunch.