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The Tour of Watching Fog and Dabbling with High-quality Service

Release Time:2018-01-04 10:30:29 source:The Administration Of Hunan Dongjiang Lake Scenic Area



Visit Misty Small Dongjiang River, Butterfly Valley Waterfall, the external landscape of Dongjiang Dam and Longjing Gorge in the morning.

Visit the lake and Karst caverns of Divine Tushita Rocks, and attend the aquatic recreational projectsin the afternoon.

Lodge in the scenic area.


Enjoy the special tourism activities of Dongjiang River Drift.

Lodge in the downtown area.


Visit San-Xiang-Si-Shui (Hunan)· Dongjiang Lake Tourism Culture Street (including Dong jiang lake Peculiar-shaped Stone Museum, Photographic Exhibition Center and Humanities Bamboo Lodge), Wuling Farming Civilization Museum, Amitayus Temple and Southern Hunan Botanical Garden (including 9 species of national first-level protected endangered trees like taxus chinensis, cathaya argyrophylla, gingko and davidia involucrata, as well as 8 major varieties (106 species) of orchids likecymbidium goeringii, cymbidium faberi, cymbidium ensifolium and cymbidium kanran).