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Be in Love with the Beautiful Mountains and Waters

Release Time:2018-01-04 09:57:08 source:The Administration Of Hunan Dongjiang Lake Scenic Area

One-day tour of Dongjiang Lake, Longjing Canyon and Doushuai Island

7:00a.m. Visit Chinese Creative Photography Base, the fairyland on earth — Misty Small Dongjiang River (including Guanpuyun Pavilion, Yu-Qiao-Xian-Ju, Misty House, Dongjiang Duckweed, etc.), Waterfall of Hougu Mountain, the Largest Dam in Asia-external landscape of Dongjiang Dam (this tour takes about 120 minutes), and then arrive at the wharf of Dongjiang Lake. 
9:30a.m. Start the tour in the unparalleled natural oxygen bar-18 Waterfalls of Longjing (this tour takes about 90 minutes)

11:30a.m. Have lunch in designated restaurant
13:00p.m.—14:00p.m. Take a boat to cruise around Dongjiang Lake-the Dongting Lake in south Hunan
14:00p.m.—16:30p.m. Climb Doushuai Island, and visit the world-class super-large Karst Cavern Divine Doushuai Rock (The tour shall take about 150 minutes);
5:00 p.m. Send off the tour groups