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Amitayus Temple

Release Time:2018-01-03 16:32:49 source:The Administration Of Hunan Dongjiang Lake Scenic Area


Zixing is the hometown of Amitayus whose name is Shi Quanzhen. The Amitayus Shi Quanzhen has a worldly last name as Zhou and first name as Zonghui and he was born in the Zhouyuan Mountain of Zixing in Hunan in the 16th year of Kaiyuan in Tang Dynasty and he became a monk in the Kaiyuan Temple of Chenzhou in the 2rd year of Tianbao of Tang Dynasty. Later, he was apprenticed to the Zen master Daoqin in Hangzhou of Zhejiang and followed his teacher to see Emperor Xuanzong of Tang in the 7th year of Tianbao of Tang Dynasty. In the 1st year of Zhide of Tang Dynasty, he went to Xiangyuan County of Guangxi (current Quanzhou of Guangxi) to set up Jyodoin(current Xiang-shan Temple which is honored as NO.1 Buddhist Temple) and passed away when he was 138 years old in the 8th year of Xiantong of Tang Dynasty. His master works are Cattle Song, Heritage Scripture, and Hundred Questions of Xiangshan, etc. and has been awarded names from five emperor while Song Huizong called him ”Jizhao Mater”, Gaozong called him “Ciyou Jizhao Miaoying Puhui Master” and sealing accumulatively by Song Ningzong and Song Lizong as well as “Baohui Amitayus” by Emperor Xianfeng of Qing Dynasty. Because of his morality and long life, people far and near all named his as “Amitayus”, “Amitayus Master” with respect and enjoyed reputation in Jiangnan District, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, or even Southeast Asia.

Amitayus Temple arises from Amitayus. Located in the Liangshu Bay of Dongjiang Lake Riverside, Amitayus Temple is one of the important spots in Dongjiang Lake Scenic Spot. Having Zhouyuan Mountain on its back, it has Small Dongjiang River in front of it with mountains surrounded and crowded by Green Bamboo while penetrating with landscape which constitute usual scenery. The total planning area is 30.7 hectares with a construction land area of 11 hectares as well as a total investment of RMB 35 million. Adopting the ancient architectural style of temple in Tang Dynasty, Amitayus Temple has Shanmen Hall, Amitayus Hall, Mahavira Hall in proper order on its axle wire, and on the east compartment lies Belt Tower, Drum Tower, Abstinence Hall, Living Room, etc. The whole temple style is ancient but simple, strong but elegant. Amitayus Temple laid a foundation of repair building on July 22, 2007 and has the completed celebration of Quantang Buddharupa Kaiguang Blessing Ceremony on May 4, 2009. The blessing ceremony is hosted by Monk Shenghui, deputy to the National People’s Congress, Vice-president of the China Buddhism Association, President of Hunan Buddhist Association, 200 eminent monks and elders as well as tens of audience, which is an unprecedentedly grand occasion.