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Wuling Farming Civilization Museum

Release Time:2018-01-03 16:31:19 source:The Administration Of Hunan Dongjiang Lake Scenic Area


 Located in the beautiful Dongjiang Bay and with Phoenix Hill at its back, Wuling Farming Civilization Museum is facing the long Dongjiang water and is decided by the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government of Zixing City after their research to show and resuce the valuable heritage from the ancestors of Wuling. With a construction period of two years, it was official opened on September 20, 2010 as a free of charge way. The completed museum covers a gross area of 4,560㎡ as well as a total building area of nearly 3,000㎡ with a total investment of over RMB 10 million( free allocation of land).

Wuling Farming Civilization Museum is featured in its typical southern Hunan characteristic. In appearance, it has black brick and black tile, bending eaves and flying corners as well as orchid and laurel bamboo as ornaments both inside and outside the courtyard; the inner part is consisted of two-floor building with six halls which are all using dark red lacquered wooden doors with pierced design. Its floor is with black vintage tiles and the entire wall is plain and soft with grey plaid as well as different designs such as oil painting, background picture, brick wall, wood siding wall, etc. In the displaying contents, Wuling Agriculture Civilization Museum is divided into two mega plates: one is Wuling madrigal——product exhibition of Wuling Agriculture Civilization; the other is temporary exhibition hall of Essence Zixing. As the main exhibition body, Wuling madrigal has showed over 700 products with different shapes and functions including one relic of second-level—beautifully carved baldachine of Qing Dynasty, 68 relics of third-level such as wood pipe of Qing Dynasty, completed oil manufacturing instruments with large size, rare rosewood shoulder pole and root carving old-fashion wooden armchair of Qing Dynasty, etc.  Wuling madrigal has arranged six exhibition areas of Lobby, Ancient Legend, Mountain Household Style, Want for Nothing, Farmland Inheritance, Last Hall on the basis of historical and geographic background, basic labor production, manual work, folk culture, etc. with 19 displaying groups inside. In order to highlight the vitality to achieve the effect of being personally on the scene, the museum comprehensively applied multiple ways of expression such as image-text, material object, sculpture, acoustics, lamplight and background picture, etc. to set multiple scenes such as rice field, cabin in the woods, oil manufacturing workshop, peasant kitchen,iron forging, marriage,etc. to reappear the living situation of agricultural production with full energy and vitality. The exhibition hall of Essence Zixing is divided into Product Content and Scenery Content and respectively shows the rich minerals and wild animals and plants in Zixing as well as its superior natural environment and cultural environment and it is a buttery hatch for tourists to know Zixing.

As the sole topic museum on agriculture, Wuling Farming Civilization Museum gains its reputation by its unique theme, innovative display and rich content and it has a foreign tourism arrival of over 60,000 by now. Meanwhile, it has won the third prize in “11th Five-Year Plan of China” on Museums and Memorial Hall of the Overall Hunan Province within half year of establishment, which becomes the first museum in Chenzhou District to get that honor.