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Peculiar-shaped Stone Museum

Release Time:2018-01-03 16:23:43 source:The Administration Of Hunan Dongjiang Lake Scenic Area



Dongjiang lake Peculiar-shaped Stone Museum is built to greet the International Tourism Festival of Hunan by Chenzhou City and it is an important exhibition hall of Dongjiang Lake Cultural Tourism Street ofSan-Xiang-Si-Shui (Hunan). The construction began in June of this year with a gross area of over 6,500 square meters. It integrates public education, exhibition and presentation, identification and appreciation, training and lerning as well as trading and auction. Rare Stone Pavilion of Dongjianghu collects around 10,000 rare stones and samples such as ornamental stone of rock category, fossil specimen, agate jade, mineral crystal, etc. which are of over 300 varieties. Taking rare stones of Hunan as main parts, Rare Stone Pavilion integrates some good ones both at home and abroad including peerless work of art and treasures of world-class and Chinese level.

Besides, Dongjiang lake Peculiar-shaped Stone Museum has added an exhibition hall of red culture on the basis of Peculiar-shaped Stone Museum with a collection of 60,000 badges with Chairman Mao Zedong on them of over 40,000 varieties as well as Quotations from Chairman Mao Zedong and his works of 16 countries and speeches and writing from 6 national minorities.

Peculiar-shaped stones of different sizes in Dongjiang lake Peculiar-shaped Stone Museum are scientifically allocated and it combines visual perception with cultural deposits as well as integrating with the concept of San-Xiang-Si-Shui (Hunan). Focusing on the integrative development of rare stone culture and tourism culture, Dongjiang lake Peculiar-shaped Stone Museum provides people an opportunity to appreciate rare stone culture during their tour.