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Dongjiang Bay

Release Time:2018-01-03 16:17:00 source:The Administration Of Hunan Dongjiang Lake Scenic Area


Dongjiang Bay District of Zixing Hunan starts from Small Dongjiang Power Station in the east, Liyu River Power Station in the west, Lianhua Road and S213 Highway in the north, Yingbin Road and Chengui Road in the south, which planned area reaches 575.61ha. Amitayus Temple, Xiangnan Botanical Garden, Xiangnan Farming Culture Museum, Stylish Pub Street and other projects have been finished or are under construction since this summer, making themselves a charming scenery of Dongjiang Bay. This is the action of Zixing City to respond to “western city” construction of Chenzhou, aiming to build another masterpiece for Dongjiang Bay New Town.

In order to build Dongjiang Bay an ecological, recreational, commercial and livable new town and make it the most charming “living room” and “tourism attraction” of Zixing, the city has invested RMB 5 million to invite professional company to design for Dongjiang Bay, two banks along Dongjiang River, totally 5 plans. It has proposed short-term and long-term development objectives for Dongjiang Bay and formed a frame with “four bridges, three ring roads and two poles” for the new town, namely, Dongjiang Bay Bridge, Liyu River Bridge, Dongjiang River Bridge, Liangshu bay bridge to be built, so as to connect two banks of the river; Lianhua Road in north bank, Daxing Road in east bank, S322 Highway in south bank, and Yanjiang Road, etc., to be built and completed, so as to form three ring roads along the river; residential-house-oriented urban living development pole and urban development pole. The city has also taken measure to close Zixing Nitrogen Fertilizer Plant, Zixing Cement Plant, Dexing Cement Company and remove Chuangxing Plywood Company to Jiangbei Industrial Park, so as to develop tourism and the tertiary industry with full power. It has invested RMB 230 million to build Amitayus Temple, Dongjiang Culture Plaza, Water Sports Center and so on. Dongjiang yachts and Stylish Pub Street will be constructed soon, forming urban tourism development pole that focused on tourism development. It has invested RMB 227 million to build and reconstruct Lianhua Road and other infrastructure.

The city has obtained RMB 763 million from foreign investors to build Yeepoin Garden, Dongjiang New World, BISHUI YUNXUAN and other high-class communities, as well as promote reconstruction on Liyu River area and Dongjiang Base of the 8th Hydropower Bureau, forming urban living development pole that focuses on residential areas.