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Longjing Gorge

Release Time:2018-01-03 16:08:38 source:The Administration Of Hunan Dongjiang Lake Scenic Area


Located in Wutong Village at the top-right of Dongjiang Dam Port, Longjing Gorge ranges from Shuikoulong to Moshouwan and Longjing, stretching 2.5 km. As to the mountainscape, the mountains are steep and verdant, covered with towering ancient trees, densely studded with the primitive secondary forest; as to the waterscape, a clear stream encompasses the gorge, and the waterfalls cluster together. There are 18 waterfalls and 26 deep pools here, concealed inthe primitive secondary forest or the rugged grotesque rocks. Nearly 100 meters in height and over 20 meters in width, the famous Shuikoulong Waterfallrushes down, forming a curtain while resounding throughout the empty valley. After the reservoir level rises, the curtain is only over ten meters in height. Located in the south, over 100 meters away from this waterfall, another waterfall pours down from Dongqing Road, just like ahuge silver dragonwinding and zigzagging and a white silk ribbon dancing in the air, thereby arousing boundless imaginations. There is a poem saying like this: “The white water looks like naturally fluffycotton that doesn’t need to be processed by the cotton fluffer; the rosy clouds resemble natural brocade that doesn’t need to be woven. ”

It is said that in ancient times, Dongjiang River was originally a large lake, and the dragon-head-shaped walking stick of Thai Seong Loh Koon descended to the world as a dragon, and stirred up troubles in Dongjiang Lake, and as such people languished in poverty and starvation. Upon hearing the information, the good dragon cultivating himself in Longjing Immortal Sangu Mountain fought against the evil dragon for seven days and nights, and drove the evil dragon away, while the good dragon died of exhaustion and finally became a dragon-scape.

The waterfall sounds like melodious music, and the rolling pool water looks like flowers. Besides, there is spring water on the palisades bubbling as if weepingandcomplaining. It is very refreshing to watch and hear the waterfalls, and appreciate the flowing springs here. It also belongs to the high anion area that is rarely seen in China, known as a “natural oxygen bar”. According to the measurement and assessment of the Center for Tourism Research of Central South University of Forestry and Technology, the content of the air anion in Longjing Gorge reaches 93,600 percubic centimeter, conducive to the physical and mental health.

The mountain ridge, 1 km away from the gorge in the east, shows the landscape of grotesque rocks featuring grotesqueness, uniqueness, suspension and thrillingness. The ridge is clustered with granites of different shapes and sizes, and stretches downwards to the river valley. The local people call it“Leigongjia Stone” and “ Fengdong Stone”(the stone wobbles with the wind). In September, 2003, Qu Longbin, the inspector of the Standing Committee of Chenzhou Municipal People’s Congress & the former secretary of Zixing Municipal Party Committee, raised funds to employ craftsmen to engravethe poemThe Terrace Leading to the Heaven on “Fengdong Stone”, inscribed with the name of Professor He Guorui of Wuhan University, and the poem said: “This stone wasn’t used to repair the sky, but discarded on the earth; Chinese descendants gather here, and use it as a terrace leading to the heaven.” Its nearby rocks are engraved with four Chinese characters“Shan-Qi-Shi-Xiu” (peculiar mountains and elegant stones), inscribed with the name of Professor Hu Yunfu of Beijing Normal Universityin the semi-cursive script. The towering steep cliff facing Dongjiang Lake Dam is engraved with three large Chinese characters “Qing-Tian-Shi”(Giant Stone), inscribed with the name of General Li Duo, also known as a famous calligrapher. Each character is about 16 square meters in area, and visible when visiting the lake on sunny days.