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Dongjiang Dam

Release Time:2018-01-03 16:06:45 source:The Administration Of Hunan Dongjiang Lake Scenic Area


“Dongjiang River is enclosed with a dam, and a steep gorge towers over the flat lake ”. Dongjiang Dam is 157 meters in height,35 meters in base thickness, 7 meters in top width, 438 meters in central arc length and 294 meters in crest elevation. It’sthe first arch dam with double-curvature shell that was designed and builtindependently by China, ranking No.2 among the dams with the same dam type worldwide. Resembling an arc-shaped screen, the dam towers on the granite of Liandaowan Valley, and two-terminal ski-jump spillways of dam crest stretch out from mid-air, hung slantly on the mountainside, and the lifting platform towers into the clouds.Viewed from a top place, the very large plant looks like a quadrate matchbox under the foot, and the pedestrians look like crawling mole crickets and ants. Looking around, you can embrace a panoramic view, namely floating misty clouds, rolling green mountains, murmuringstreams and waterfalls, as well as dotted boats and paddles, fully embodying the landscapes of deep valleys and flat lakes. During flood discharge, the scenery is ever-changing. The lake water pours down from the spillways, splashed in the air, and turns into misty rain, enshrouding the whole gorge. Its momentum resembles ten thousand horses stampeding and its sound resembles great thunderclaps. Even several miles away from it, you can still feel some droplets splashed on your face. This has fully embodied a picturesque artistic conception of the verses that “the spiral and dancing waterfall splashes, forming silver flowers that drizzle over the face”, written by Cui Yingjie of Qing Dynasty.