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Dongjiang Lake

Release Time:2018-01-03 16:04:40 source:The Administration Of Hunan Dongjiang Lake Scenic Area


   With an overall area of 160 square kilometers and average depth of 51, Dongjiang Lake has reserved a rather large quantity of water, i.e. 8.12 billion cubic meters, which is half to that of Dongting Lake.  Therefore, it is known as “Dongting Lake in South Hunan”. The deepest water level reaches 157m. It is the largest artificial lake in Hunan. Confucius, the great Chinese philosopher, once said, “benevolent people love mountain while wise people love water”. Dongjiang Lake Scenic Area has mountains and waters, because it gathers famous mountains, crystal-clear waters and charming landscape of south Yangtze River. Natural landscapes echo with cultural landscapes and sightseeing programs combine with participatory programs.