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  • Dongjiang Dam

    Dongjiang River is enclosed with a dam, and a steep gorge towers over the flat lake Dongjiang Dam is 157 me

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  • Misty Small Dongjiang River

    The Lights of the Fishing Boats Floated on Small Dongjiang River Stretching 12 km, Small Dongjiang River is a s

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  • Dongjiang Lake

    With an overall area of 160 square kilometers and average depth of 51, Dongjiang Lake has reserved a rather l

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  • Dongjiang River Drift

    Known as the first ecological drift in China, Dongjiang River Drift is located within Huangcao Town at the south

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  • Doushuai Karst Cave

    Doushuai Island is the biggest one in Dongjiang Lake, which looks like a giant lion crouching over the water T

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  • Longjing Gorge

    Located in Wutong Village at the top-right of Dongjiang Dam Port, Longjing Gorge ranges from Shuikoulong to Mosho

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